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  1. Add You Don't Know Sherlock Holmes Yet to your Itinerary

    You Don't Know Sherlock Holmes Yet


    May 22nd was the birth date of our beloved author, on this date we have held an exhibition named You Don't Know Sherlock Holmes Yet. (May 2018)

  2. Books in the Playing Sherlock Exhibition

    Examples of the books from the Collection selected for the Playing Sherlock Exhibition.

  3. Add The Death of 'Touie' to your Itinerary

    The Death of 'Touie'


    Throughout the month of August, we remember Louisa Hawkins (August, 2018)

  4. Add Remembering Doyle to your Itinerary

    Remembering Doyle


    Throughout the month of July, we remember the late Arthur Conan Doyle. (July, 2018)

  5. Add A Study in Scarlet to your Itinerary

    A Study in Scarlet

    Originally titled 'A Tangled Skein' A Study in Scarlet was the novel that first brought him to fame with the introduction of Sherlock Holmes. Despite many rejections, Conan Doyle first had it published as a novel in 1888. (December 2017)

  6. The Adventures of the Speckled Band

    The Adventures of the Speckled Band a play in 2 acts featuring Sherlock Holmes.

  7. Add Connection to Sidney Paget to your Itinerary

    Connection to Sidney Paget

    Sidney Paget was best known for the first drawing or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
    (February 2018)

  8. Add The Spiritualism Debate to your Itinerary

    The Spiritualism Debate


    Regarding his strong beliefs, Doyle and Joseph McCabe staged a public debate over their opinions. (March 2018)

  9. Illustration of Violet from 'The Copper Beeches'

    Illustration of Violet from 'The Adventure of the Copper Beeches', published in 1892.

  10. Add The April Fool of Harvey Sluice to your Itinerary

    The April Fool of Harvey Sluice


    On April, 1882, Arthur Conan Doyle moved to Portsmouth which was the same year that the short story 'Bones:The April Fool of Harvey Sluice' was published. (April 2018)

  11. Study in Scarlet

    First Sherlock Holmes novel, published in 1887.

  12. Baker Street Studies

    Essays first published in 1934

  13. Inscribed copy of Baker Street Studies

    This first edition of Baker Street Studies was published in 1934.

  14. Sherlock Holmes Books in other languages

    Sherlock Holmes' books were published all over the world and in many languages. These include: Malayalam, Hindi and Bengali as well as French, German, Spanish, Finnish, Danish... the list is endless as Sherlock has fans all over the world.

  15. Add The George Edalji Case to your Itinerary

    The George Edalji Case

    Arthur Conan Doyle investigated the case of the threatening letters which George Edalji was sentenced for. (January 2018)

  16. Add The Railway Tour of Canada to your Itinerary

    The Railway Tour of Canada


    Doyle and his wife travelled Canada on a tour of the newly opened Grand Trunk Pacific Railway in 1914. (June, 2018)

  17. The Lost World book jacket

    H & S book jacket

  18. A Copy of The Study in Scarlet

    The first Conan Doyle story to feature Sherlock Holmes published in 1882

  19. Add Kingsley Conan Doyle to your Itinerary

    Kingsley Conan Doyle

    Throughout the month of October, we remember Kingsley Conan Doyle. (October, 2018)

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