Arthur Conan Doyle on holiday

Conan Doyle on Holiday

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Number of results: 9

  1. Photograph of Conan Doyle's cricket team

    Conan Doyle and his cricket team pictured on a tour of Holland

  2. Photograph of Conan Doyle watching a snake handler

    At a snake park in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

  3. Photograph of Conan Doyle swimming

    Swimming in Pietermaritzburg

  4. Photograph of the Summer Exhibition stand

    The exhibition stand in the Central Library

  5. Photograph of Conan Doyle playing tennis

    A game of tennis in Australia

  6. Photograph of Conan Doyle playing cricket at sea

    An unusual pitch for a game of cricket - on board RMS Dunottar Castle

  7. Photograph of Dennis riding a camel

    Photo of Conan Doyle's son, Denis, on a camel in Egypt.

  8. Photograph of Edgar Allan Poe's house

    Conan Doyle with his children, Denis, Adrian and Billie standing outside Edgar Allan Poe's house at Fordham, New York in America

  9. Photograph of Conan Doyle riding his horse, Brigadier

    Conan Doyle enjoyed a wide variety of outdoor pursuits and activities, and became a member of his local hunt at Chiddingfold in Surrey

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