Tales from work experience - Katie

For the second day, Alfie and I worked on a project to help the production of an app. This app will allow the user to go on a walking tour of Conan Doyle's life in Portsmouth, and while the tech-savvy people create the app, we were tasked with sourcing the pictures to be shown on the tour, using the resources available in the library and the archives.

As we had to find photographs of buildings and streets from the 1880s, we were presented with a few challenges- some stops on the tour had not been photographed, as at the time the houses were insignificant. Some of the other places no longer exist, either due to demolishment or bombing, causing us to learn how to cross-reference in the records to find what we were looking for.

We also took a trip to the Portsmouth City Museum to look at their Conan Doyle exhibition, most of which was also taken from Richard Lancelyn Green's collection, which showed us again that he had far too many items to be just a simple fan of Conan Doyle!

All in all, trying to find the pictures was very interesting as it caused us to look through records of our city from over 100 years ago, and we learnt to use initiative to find the tough pictures!.


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